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Claudia Sümeghy is an economist specialized in fashion and film. She is the producer of the JUNO11 projects like commercials, short films and features like their first, CURTIZ. Totally obsessed with the art of branding and…the red carpet. The thing she loves the most in filmmaking is to show her vision for hundreds of people started with the cast and crew and finished with the audience.

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Tamás Yvan Topolánszky is an award-winning filmmaker, writer and media designer. During his career, he has written and directed several short films, commercials, animations, a documentary and a feature film. He founded JUNO11 Pictures production company with his producer wife, Claudia Sümeghy. In JUNO11 they are making films according to their current interests, inspired by their private life but always choosing subjects that can be interpreted at any sensitivity level. 

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Director, Writer


As a professional writer, since the release of the first three books at her early  20s, she has worked for publishing houses, magazines and cultural insitutes.  Her novel was adapted for the stage (No Man’s Tree) in 2015.  Soon she became winner of Midpont script development program in Prague,  thus won writer scholaship to Cottbus and Triest festivals. She was assigned  for writing CURTIZ shortly after that, along with another feature (animation,  fully funded) and a feature documentary. 

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He has already participated in several Hungarian production. In the last few years he has worked as a cinematographer for two other successful films besides CURTIZ. He's the director of photography in Petra Szőcs's feature film, Deva, which was nominated at the Venice Film Festival. The short film, A Siege - directed by István Kovács - won a bronze award at the Student Academy Award.

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Director of Photography


Dorka has learnt free-hand drawing and ceramics at the secondary school of Fine and Applied Arts and graduated from the University of West Hungary as Interior designer.

Since 2012, she's been working for movie and television studios as a visual artist and as a set decorator. She"s had a chance to work in workshops as a visual artist and become familiar with several aspects of movie production that requires more in-depth knowledge.

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Production Design


In 2008, he graduated from Liszt Academy's jazz faculty. As a guest performer in several band, he had the opportunity to play with many acknowledge artist from allover the world. Since its formation, he has been member of the Modern Art Orchestra, which band contributed to make CURTIZ's music.

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